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Purchasing Favor & Flair Logos – What you need to know

At the time of purchase of this logo, please send us your custom color selection, name and/or initials, and the date using the checkout form. We’ll then customize the logo just for you and send you a draft for approval within 72 hours of purchase. 

One round of edits is included in the logo cost. Once approved by you, the final customized logo will be emailed to you in RGB format for digital use in both .jpg, and a .png with transparent background, and in CMYK colors in a vectored .pdf format for printed use. 

When you order please include the following information. 

1. TEXT - Tell us the name, initials and/or date you would like to use. 

2. COLOR SELECTION - Please see our color chart for choices or specify the Pantone color number that you’d like. Tell us your color selection in as much detail as possible. If you would like to highlight specific letters in a saying, please let us know.

3. STYLE - We are happy to create any color effect including ombre and glitter. 

NOTE: Edits will be taken via email only. If you would like to set up a consultation to discuss a custom logo package, please email

Customers can cancel any order within 24 hours of purchase. Once an item has been delivered to the customer there are no refunds or exchanges. Modifications can be made to a logo for an additional fee depending on scope of work.


Your logo order includes .png, .jpg & .pdf files of the same image. Depending on where you view your logo (home computer, phone, printer) the colors will vary. Use your .jpeg and .png file for digital use and the .pdf for printed items.

Please see our color chart for choices or select any Pantone color number that you’d like. A note on color: each device renders color differently. Colors displayed across your monitor, phone, and printer will not be consistent. You can view the same file on two different computers and see two different colors.

Please also note that if you are printing items with Favor & Flair, some colors may require a color matching fee.

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